kate. co-founder
bio. young, restless local dreamer, starwatcher, surfer, midnight cereal eater. writing is how i understand the world. 1 timothy 4:12 
social. twitter, instagram
also blogs at. the goodness revolt

abbie. co-founder
bio. singer/song-writer, writer of fiction, professional waffle-eater, infj, photographer, wanderer, 2 corinthians 5:14
also blogs at. abbiee

aaliyah. contributor
bio. infj. passionate musician. believer of rivers in the wasteland. prone to wander. growing to LIVE.
social. instagram, pinterest
also blogs at. growing in his image

grace eva. contributor 
bio. messy. Jesus first. (peace will win, fear will lose). i like music, cats, and technicolor hair.
social. twitter, pinterest
also blogs at. trembling but roaring

abby dahl. illustrator
bio. doodler, lover of french animation, musician, writer of whimsical things, leader of the soft pretzel appreciation club
social. instagram.
also blogs at. abby and the pens

jacyrayn. contributor
bio. follower of the light, mountain dweller, wandering musician. I run on coffee (mainly buestelo) and messy Jesus love
also blogs at. loud and clear

ashlyn. contributor
bio.  believer in Jesus, recovering perfectionist, witty commentator, dog lover, coffee drinker, equestrian.

katie grace. contributor
bio. writer, reader, ENFP, fangirl, child of the King, spreader of smiles, firm believer of hope in this messy world.
also blogs at. a writer's faith

olivia k. contributor
bio. scribbler of words, infj, nc raised, probably barefoot, saved by grace.
also blogs at. summer of 1999

olivia s. contributor
bio. canadian girl, Jesus-follower, enfj, painter of words, people-person, probably off having emotions somewhere
also blogs at. the cwtch

eva. contributor
bio. growing closer to my Savior and the stars; while living on words, music, and a messy, but beautiful, life.
also blogs at. the raven + the writer

erin. contributor
bio. aspiring novelist, singer-songwriter, early morning adventurer, journalism student, washed in the blood, Isaiah 64:3
social. twitter, youtube

elissa. contributor
bio. deep emotion feeler, passionate dancer, discoverer of the Father's unending love, consumer of bittersweet chocolate and cold brew
social. pinterest, google+
also blogs at. letters to jayna

grace anne. contributor
bio. dreamer, dancer, and lover of words. daughter of the one true King. 
also blogs at. Totally Graced

amanda. contributor
bio. dreamer, adventurer, extroverted introvert, coffee lover, musician, advocate of lavish grace and radical joy.
social. twitter, pinterest
also blogs at. Scattered Journal Pages

madeline. contributor
bio. ENFJ English major: reading, writing, and drinking too many chai tea lattes.
also blogs at. the little decorator

hannah. contributor
bio. pursuer of Jesus, lover of Owl City and Charles Martin, Anne of Green Gables enthusiast, advocate for Israel and against human trafficking, hopeless romantic, dreamer
also blogs at. Stories of the King

esther. contributor
bio. poet, dreamer, writer, singer, missionary, melancholic, psalm 42
also blogs at. An Indefatigable Little Scribbler

mary shelley. contributor
bio. infp. dreamer. gypsy soul. sinner saved by grace. lover of strong coffee, night driving, and rain on the rooftop.
also blogs at. The Reid Who Writes 

vanessa. contributor
bio. an inspiring INFJ who loves writing, health, and fitness, exploring, and leaving poems behind for people to find.
social. instagram 
also blogs at. It's Simply Me

ellie. contributor
bio. infj, writer, archery maiden, girl on fire for Jesus alone, jams+dances to real music, LOTR fan, broken + beloved, Egyptian, Jer. 31:3
also blogs at. Broken+Beloved

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