Sunday, June 4, 2017

for them//by them {the lost}

remember me?
the one you passed on the street today without a second glance.

remember me?
i’m the kid with ripped jeans and scarred face
the one you wouldn't look at.

remember me?
i’m the girl with a baby, no husband, no home.

remember me?
i’m the hurt in his eyes when you told him those things.

remember me?
i’m the pain on her face when you turned away.

remember me?
i’m the death of that child you ignored today.

remember me?
i’m the tears on her cheeks
and the scars on his face
and the poison in her body
and the barbs in your words-


remember me?

we've seen eachother so many times.

i know you’ve seen me
heard my voice...
in her anguished sobs
and his voiceless prayers
in her backward glance
in his breaking voice

h e l l o
r e m e m b e r   n o w ?

i’m pain
and fear
and anger
and jealousy
i’m hunger
and thirst
and lust
and greed
i’m forgotten

i’m lost
i’m broken

i   n e e d   y o u r   h e l p

not your pity.
not your tears.
not your wallet.

y o u r   s m i l e

your  l o v e

your  h e a r t

p l e a s e ?

the next time you see me. dirty, poor, ugly, deformed, helpless, sad:
g i v e    m e    h o p e
Today might be my last.



  1. Replies
    1. It is indeed a "wow" subject. So many people are ignored by us and its time we all started living the love we peach in churches.
      Thank you for commenting! <3

  2. This was so...thought provoking and beautiful and sad. And I think it's going to cut a lot of hearts in the way it should.

    -T. x

    1. Thank you, dear! It really is sad. And not my words- the truth I can't hide behind them. It cut me deeply the other day after judging someone in my heart by their appearance- then realizing my wrong.
      I hope it cuts other hearts for good like it did mine.

  3. This is amazing. I am so glad that you see these things too, the deep hurt and pain underneath the stranger's surface. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! It took me longer than it should have, but yes, I do see that now. It's amazing how obvious and yet how silent the scars are on other people's hearts. We al really need to take better notice.

  4. I want to spread this to every person on this planet because everyone needs to hear this. 💜💙

    1. Apparently I just want to spread everything you write to the ends of the earth because this is the second post of yours that I've said that about lol.