Sunday, March 19, 2017

when the future is TERRIFYING

Hi, friend. I get it.

The future is so, so scary.

Maybe you’re in high school, and you have absolutely no idea what’s gonna happen in a few years – where you’ll go to college, if you’ll even go, or what you’ll do if you don’t take the college route.

Maybe you’re in college, and you’re going back and forth between the things you want to do after – you want to get a great job, but you also want to travel, and you also want to start a family.

Where will I live? What job will I have? What kind of education is best for my future? Do I want to marry?

Maybe you’re facing decisions that you’ve never had to deal with before, and it all seems like too much to handle. The stress, the pressure, the anxiety – it all builds up, and oh, I so get it.

The future can be terrifying.

But I’ve found solace in this, that we’re only given one day at a time; we’re given today, and that’s it.

The future is simply the todays that are to come – one day at a time. This is today-living.

Our responsibility is simply to be good stewards of each day – to pray that God would lead us to the right opportunities, and to guide us to do the right thing, decision by decision, hour by hour.

Today-living means making wise plans, but not being afraid to let God lead us in different directions than we’d originally planned. It means trusting God at the beginning of a new day to bring us to where He has for us to be – and trusting Him at the end of that day that He has brought us to the right place.

It means making the most of the time we’ve been given, and living life fearlessly.

It means trusting God.

And yes, trusting God can be scary, because He doesn’t reveal His whole plan to us at once. He gives it to us one step at a time, one moment at a time, one decision at a time, and even then, His plan often seems fuzzy.

But in all of our decisions we make, He promises us His presence, His guidance, and His love to bring us to exactly the places we need to be. Even when they’re unlikely – even when they seem odd – even when they’re exactly opposite of what we imagine.

So the future? It’s still uncertain. We still have to make those big decisions about where we’re going – but we aren’t alone in those decisions. Because as we trust God to lead us to MAKE the right decisions, we can also trust that He’ll lead us IN them, even in ways we can’t see.

Today, do what you feel called to do. Trust God, and take the plunge.

He’s got this.


  1. OH MY - this really hit home, Amanda. Thank you so much for sharing your words with us <3 <3 <3.

    ~ Savannah

    1. I'm so glad to hear it, Savannah! ❤️❤️ Thank you for reading!

  2. Somehow you guys always manage to write exactly what I need to hear! Thank you for that x


    1. That's so wonderful. Glad to hear it, Sara!

  3. Mmm so good. I know I said a bunch about this already Amanda, but man. The Lord shone some hope in my heart through these words. <3

    1. Oh goodness, thank you, Kate. ❤️ This made my day.

  4. I needed to hear this today! Lovely reminders.

    1. I'm so glad it could encourage you, Alicyn!

  5. "Because as we trust God to lead us to MAKE the right decisions, we can also trust that He’ll lead us IN them, even in ways we can’t see."

    Today living. That might be my new life phrase, Amanda. Because that is SO TRUE! I just read a book by Francis Chan that talked about how we get so concerned with God's will for our life that we forget to follow Him with TODAY. This is hard. It is constant. And it is SO WORTH IT.

    You always encourage my soul, Amanda, and it is because God is working through you!

    1. Hannah, your comments always encourage me so much! ❤️❤️ Ahh, how true - we get so caught up in the future so much that we forget the todays that will bring us there.

      Thank you, friend!

  6. This is just what I needed! Thank you, Amanda!