Sunday, February 26, 2017


Braids and ball caps
Hair bows and stuffed animals
Flower crowns and chipped nail polish
Lover of all things bright and beautiful
Adventures and staying up reading past bedtime

Owner of scraped knees
Porcelain figurines
And worlds created in her imagination
When did you trade the books and toys in your backpack
For the weight and burden of the world?

The one with the caged and wary heart
You're a little weighted down
With lies and tears and promises that weren't kept
Shackles around your ankles
The burden of shattered trust

Did you know those places that seem beyond repair?
Those places..yes, girl, those
Those are the exact same places
That the light gets in and grows
The seeds planted in your soul

I know what you're thinking
How can something that hurts so bad
Ever be turned into anything resembling good?
But I know you
Because I am you

I know the nights you've spent
Sobbing into your pillow
The victim of your own unrelenting thoughts
The days that the hustle of going through the motions
Was enough to send your head spinning

Shaking hands with 'braveheart' written across your palms
Tigress earning her stripes
I know how hard you have fought
To never, ever let the battle make you
Anything, but soft

She who has galaxies in her eyes

The one with a nuclear warhead for a brain

Raging hurricane in the place of your soul

Yes, you, darling, you
Are a mountain shaker
Because you belong to the One
Who casts them into the sea on your behalf

Do you know how bright you shine
Each and every time you reflect
The light of the Morning Star Himself?

Do you know your own preciousness?
That which is Divine became that which is human
In order to not only partake in your brokenness
But free you from it as well?

Do you know how brave you are?
How strength drips from your fingertips
As you sit with a pen and a page
Writing out the psalms of your broken heart?

When you could feel the first cracks of your hopes and dreams
About to avalanche around you
And the tears were streaming down
And you whispered, “Thy will be done,”
You positioned yourself in the safest and most glorious place
On either side of eternity

The next morning
As you began praying for someone else who was hurting
And His voice interrupted you with the reminder,
I AM close to the brokenhearted.”
Pulled you close and invited you to be filled up
Before you began pouring out
And suddenly, your pain didn't seem so overwhelming
Because you realized you weren't alone

Yeah, maybe he left
Took advantage of your gentle heart
Emotionally manipulated you while having the audacity to call it love
And it scares you that something could feel so real
Yet be so far from the truth

But what have you to fear when Love Himself knows you by name?
When He who is Love
Never leaves
Never forsakes
Never abandons
Always pursues

You claimed you were a fool
But aren't we all fools in love?
And if your greatest crime was loving too much
What have you to be sorry for?

Don't let this destroy you
That boy was broken so he did broken things
But you're broken, too
And that can only be fixed by the One
Who was broken to make us whole

You loved and you lost
But if you bow out with grace
Can you ever really lose?

You have a fire inside you
Somewhere deep in your chest
It cannot be quenched by temporary people
Not if you choose to keep the flames lit

You have fought hard battles before
Bruised and bleeding, you have carried on
Step by agonizing step until you saw peace again
You'll make it out of this just fine

You are a royal Daughter of the Most High
And you deserve a love that treats you as such
A love that would go through hell for you
A love that would cross oceans for you
A love like the One who went to the grave and back again
Just to have you by His side

Do you hear me?
You already have a Love you can never be separated from
Not by darkness, not by principalities, or even the powers of hell
So, girl, listen-
Anything less is only a counterfeit

Wait for this love
Give this love
Be this love
Because I AM does not give His heart in pieces
And neither should you

Hey, guys! I wanted to include a link to one of my favorite worship videos of all just seems so fitting in this month that seems to focus on commercialized remind ourselves of our One True Love, Jesus...His love is not broken, not insecure, not fragile, not the restless kind..take a listen xx


  1. THIS. <3 Gaahh your words are always so beautiful, Ashlyn.

  2. I'm gonna die of beauty+inspiration overload. Thank you so much for this, Ashlyn <3 <3 <3.

    ~ Savannah

  3. *crying* <3 <3 thanks for these beautiful, soul-touching words.

  4. Ohhh gracious me this was SO beautiful...ASHLYN HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU SO ENCOURAGING???? I've been stalking this little (EPIC) corner of the blogosphere for a little while now, and I figured I would comment on this one. This was SO beautiful, SO encouraging, SO inspiring, and it was like God just put His words in your mouth. Really. This was awesome. <333

    1. I have tears springing up in my eyes, thank you so much! I just don't even know how to express how much your comment touched me! All glory to God, seriously. Thank you, Ariel!

  5. Ashlyn, this is stunning. You are such a beautiful soul. <3

  6. Ashlyn, I read this in drafts, and then when it first posted, but I didn't comment yet because I was away and I really wanted to be able to sit down and write something; not just a quick comment on my phone.

    You are a beautiful, priceless soul-- and this? this is poetry. It is truth. It is an anthem... and through our friendship, I have seen you not only talk about this but LIVE by it and walk it out even when it is freaking TOUGH. You're an amazing and encouraging sister in Christ. Never, ever forget that.

    I love you so much, girl. You're in my prayers. Stay strong and keep shining bright. <3

    "Yes, you, darling, you
    Are a mountain shaker
    Because you belong to the One
    Who casts them into the sea on your behalf" :') wow.

    1. and also that worship song is spectacular <3

    2. Okay, so I almost burst into tears in a coffee shop! XD This comment means so much to me. Thank you so much, Katie! Thank you for your friendship and for always being there for me and for your words! You are such a picture of strength and an inspiration for anyone walking down this road. I love you, girl! So much!!

      Ahh yes, it's probably my favorite worship song ever!!