Tuesday, December 20, 2016

there's room

It's in the twinkling of lights strung across houses and doorways and lamp posts and banisters and trees.

It's in the warmth of hands being held, circled 'round, gathered among food and family.

It's in the tinkling of a child's laugh or a dog's head resting on your lap.

It's that truth that your heart can be full of so many things and still ache.

Ache with the weight of the things left undone

Or the words you wish had been spoken, but lips were silent instead

How you can be in a room full of people, talking, connecting, and feel isolated

How you can leave a phone call at 1AM, hear them whisper 'I love you' a thousand times

And still hang up feeling like the loneliest soul in the world

Because somewhere amidst all of the laughter and smiles and touches and fun

There's a part of you that believes you're merely tolerated

That every failure on your part to be perfect leads to biting words

Why are you like this?”

No one could love you, not when you're such a mess.”

Maybe if you put forth more effort, it would be easier to like you.”

Doesn't matter if nobody has ever said that to you

You say enough to yourself

And you let those words tumble around in your head for so long

That any expression of love toward you brings you pause and the question

“Yeah...but do you really?”

Because somewhere along the line you decided that rejection was inevitable

And that no one could possibly love you for exactly who you are

Because who you are falls so immeasurably far from who you should be

Can I tell you something that may sound too good to be true?

There's Someone out there who not only loves you

He likes you

He cherishes you

And that mess you see when you consider all of your shortcomings?

They're part of the message that every one of us

Has a unquenchable desire to be known and loved

By the One who created us to be known and loved

And maybe you've heard that before

Maybe you sing refrains of “Jesus Loves Me”

Yet cater to the doubt that God Almighty

Could never even tolerate you

You're right.

He doesn't tolerate you

He redeems you

He adores you

He seeks you out

He takes on every sorrow, every pain, every doubt, and every fear

All of it on behalf of you

Because He loves you

So much so that He defeated Hell and Death

Just to make room for you at His table

So, maybe this holiday season has been spent among those you hold dear

Or maybe season's greetings have been you, Netflix, and a pint of ice cream

Wherever you are in the celebrations this year

Know that you are loved

Because perhaps you've felt like the lonely reject

That God begrudgingly accepts into His Kingdom

But the truth is, He's got His arms stretched out

Like the day He hung on that tree

He's got them open for you

And open for me

And He's calling out, shouting, pleading, saying,

Whosoever will may come!”

So, come.

There's plenty of room at the table.



  1. *cannot form coherent words* <3 <3 <3

  2. *is speechless* I loved this so much. It was stunningly beautiful, and every word you said rang with truth. <3

    "So much so that He defeated Hell and Death" - this whole thing was just so incredible ... *cannot form words* xD Thank you so much for this, I needed it.

    ~ Savannah

  3. This brought me to my knees wow you have such a gift thank you for using it like this I am speechless I love you and your heart

  4. I needed this. I struggle with this every. Single. Minute.
    WOW. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. WOW. The part that says "he doesn't tolerate you - he redeems you, adores you, seeks you out"
    That hit me HARD. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this!!
    Its gonna end up printed out on my wall. <3

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!

  5. All of this is just SO TRUE. Thank you for arranging letters into such beautiful, encouraging words <3 <3 <3

  6. Casually crying over here, Ashlyn. It's fine. Man, I needed this.

  7. My gosh, this is fabulous. Needed to hear this. "There's Someone out there who not only loves you, He likes you." Wow. Love. <3

  8. This invitation to come is so beautiful! "Come let us adore him." Because it's about Him. We can't make, deserve, or create this grace. We receive it. He pours it over us with rivers of love. Thank you for your words, Ashlyn.

  9. Okay, this is amazing. Everyone needs to read this daily. Wow.