Saturday, December 24, 2016


As exam season looms overhead and we're all looking a little worn around the eyes, I've been considering the idea of rest. When you've got a stack of index cards as high as your own expectations, the to-do list rolling endlessly on, and exam after exam screaming towards you from the end of the week... how do you find the strength to step back and take a break? I've heard it called "creating margin", the idea that you need to find some way to hollow out a little breathing room, even in the busiest of schedules, the idea that you can put down your study sheet for more than just a bathroom break and somehow it's okay.

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As exams and Christmas and a fresh new year come barreling towards us about as calmly as a freight train, I've been trying out a few things.

- Looking in the mirror a little less.
- Thinking about how to love the people around me a little bit more.
- Staring into space and letting my thoughts sprawl out. Watching where they go.
- Baking cookies and then giving them away.
- Saying yes to movie nights and coffee dates.
- Saying no, even to my friends, when I know I need quiet to get things done.
- Closing the fridge when I know I'm stress-eating.
- Eating food I enjoy when I'm hungry.
- Being honest, but not negative, about how I feel. 
- Taking fifteen minutes to do what I love - picking out chords on the piano, watching videos on YouTube, or scrolling through aesthetic boards on Pinterest.
- Buckling down and forcing my brain to retrace concepts, terms, and definitions, even when I'm tired.
- Knowing when to stop - turning out my light before midnight and not bringing my notes to the breakfast table first thing in the morning.
- Asking for help.

 I hope you have a restful exam and Christmas season - what are your favourite ways to create that little bit of "margin" in your life?

Olivia (s)


  1. these tips are absolutely wonderful, olivia <3 i'll definitely keep them in mind when i go back to school :)

  2. Thank God my finals were before, Christmas, but I need to keep these in mind for my last semester so I don't get burnt out. You know, that 'look in the mirror less' one is something I hadn't really thought of, but I think it will help me a lot. There are more important things to focus on. Like how I feel inside. Merry Christmas, Olivia, and thanks for this lovely post!

  3. Oh, I so needed to hear this Olivia! I love the idea of creating margins, little pauses in the hustle. Thanks so the ideas!

  4. These tips were exactly what I needed to hear, Olivia. xxx

  5. Wow this was so refreshing and freeing it almost hurt. THANK YOU. :')
    Every time I get on this blog it's just like being bombarded with truth and iTS ACTUALLY THE BEST THING EVER.