Wednesday, December 28, 2016

our holy God who washes feet

this holiday season God feels so big and holy to me.
the snow blanketed the mountains yell of His greatness
I hear the crescendos and see His vast light.

and I feel small.

my senses are ablaze,
reminding me of joyful moments
and precious hours.
and i feel myself shrinking in the scale of time.

I have heaviness in my heart this December.
grief and gilt walk with me,
stuck to my soul.
I see darkness and hurt around me,
I also see my big and holy God.

this doesn't make sense to me,
because God hates darkness.
He is the giver of light and life,
our healer and redemption.

 but God is holy and big?

friends, our holy God washes our feet.
He sinks to my tinny
in order to wash my feet.

He kneels to our level,
seeking us.
our hearts
our failures
our dreams
our plans.

and He has takes our souls, in order to wash away the dirt.

our Father washes our feet.
so let Him.
and I promise you,
you walk away the same.

love love love//elissa


  1. *cries happily*
    always, always need this reminder. thank you. xx

  2. So beautifully said, Elissa. :') The true God is one who wants nothing more than for us to be happy - as a true Father should. <3 THIS SINGS TO MY SOUL.