Monday, May 6, 2019

Known by the only One

heart bleeding from a wound 
that will not heal. 
alone...the voices cry 
words that once set your heart ablaze 
now sting like fire on wounds. 
parched lips crack 
from the lack of water 
as your voice wavers.
no one answers you back. 
with your last ounce of strength, 
your tears hit the ground, 
voicing the words 
that no longer come 
from your dry lips.
in a crowd, yet not seen. 
with a friend, yet not heard.
the voices keep painting 
your pain in your head
dear love, what if I told you there is One...
this One saw you
as He spoke the world into existence.
His own Son looked into the Cup. 
in the Cup, He saw you.
And as drops of blood ran down His face, 
He spoke to you, becoming the sacrifice for you. 
The Father does hear and see you, beloved, 
for He is the Perfect One. 
He knows every pain, tear, and fear you have felt. 
why else would His Son die the ultimate death? 
for you
Turn to Him first, for there is no One like our God. 
you are known by Jesus, the Perfect One.