Thursday, April 4, 2019

sometimes its hard to live

do you ever have trouble remembering why

you should  b r e a t h e ?

do you ever fight to take a breath

because your   h e a r t  keeps asking is it really worth it?

do you choke over a response

when someone asks "how are you?"

and get so caught up in the lie of

i ' m   f i n e

that you forget to ask them back?

sometimes... its hard to live

its hard to remember what makes life

w o r t h    i t .

i'm here to tell you,

that lie that everyone tells you

to get you to calm down

at least, it feels like a lie

like a promise that no one can keep

like opening your lungs under water

only to find that

there was no air to breathe

its gonna be okay

because i know it feels bleak

God, I know it feels like you're never going to get out

of this pit of darkness

i know it feels like your life isn't worth it anymore

but please. please.   s t a y

you will never be able to change your mind

if you turn your back

on life now

waves come and then go

rain clouds dry of rain

you will wash up on shore

coughing up water

gasping for breath

you will be exhausted

you will be soaked through

and dirty

and cold

you will never be the same.

but you will be alive.

the storm will pass,

and as you cough out salt water from your lungs,

and as you suck in breaths of the cold morning air


that you were worth fighting for

that every second of pain

built up to this moment

when you would be free

and you would feel wind in your hair and the sun on your skin and the grass under your feet

and know

that you did it

you made it

you won the war for your life

the darkness lost.

i know it feels like

you're losing the battle

right now,

and i know

its hard to exist sometimes

so don't make it complicated.

don't worry if you can't do everything

you want to do

for now, breathe

allow yourself

to  just

b r e a t h e


  1. This was so meaningful. lots of love

  2. I honestly don’t know how you guys always seem to capture the essence of a young girl’s heart in such a raw and explicitly honest way. This post hits really close to home for me because I know people who have definitely wondered if staying alive is the worth it, so this post means a lot to me. <3