Thursday, April 25, 2019

question everything

slow down. breathe.

we live in a non-stop world. a world that says: go, go, go

go faster

keep going

be better

do more.

but is that really what life is about? like, i don't even have a poetic, cool, bullet-pointy way to say that. the question is blunt and simple: is that what life is really about? 

we live in a fast world, yes, but most of the time we just acknowledge that - rarely do we question it:

should it be a fast world? should we be living a fast-paced life? 

see, it seems like a lot of time when people ask us how we are, we feel almost compelled to answer 'busy' because well...everyone's busy! look how many things we've created to keep ourselves busy with! there's so many!

but society and culture are shaped by patterns. this busy, highschool-college-workforce-family-suburbs-retirement, cycle is just a pattern that a heck of a lot of people have created. it's just like how water makes a groove and then more and more water will follow that groove until it's become an all-out raging river.

i personally think it's a really good idea to step back - to swim to shore and get out of the water and ask ourselves if this is a pattern we even want to be following, or if we want to create something new.

i'm not pointing to school or the workforce by any means and saying it's wrong or bad. i'm just saying that we should be aware of the trajectory of our lives, the unlimited potential inside of us, and question literally everything. it's impossible to ask too many questions, and there are literally no limits to the things we could do, the places we could go, and what we could make!

there's a really beautiful french phrase: raison d'être. and it means "the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence."

i think that's a big, beautiful reason. that's something we should be thinking about, asking about, and looking for - even if the means to help us find our raison d'être are completely new, unique, or untested.

life isn't a cycle. it's an endless adventure.

so be bold! ask questions! blaze your own trail!

stay stoked!


  1. Love this, agree with this, and I'm going to follow because of this. Thank you <3

  2. raison d'être is beautiful. I love the message of this post so much-- stop and smell the roses <3

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