Friday, March 8, 2019

I Am Creatively Busy

I'm very busy is a general phrase.

I'm creatively busy is a more accurate phrase.

I run two blogs, am learning by lectures and studying, and maintain a healthy lifestyle that keeps me emotionally and physically engaged. I spend a lot of time doing things that I am passionate about. Most of the things that keep me busy happen to be creative things! And hence the phrase creatively busy is made.

All these things are solely me focused.

I am busy being creative is not an excuse to not get together or make times for other things. It is the lifestyle I am living. I am one of the many who lives this kind of lifestyle. I am one of the many that is going to change the world. I am busy in the best of ways and I love it. You are someone with the power to change the world, yourself, and others for better. Use your time in ways that stand out.


  1. Ooh yes thank you for this reminder that creatively busy is not a bad thing and can in fact be a very good thing! Love it, Vanessa! You keep changing the world, darling, cause you’re very good at it!

    1. YOU ARE TOO KIND. AHHHHH!! Thank you. Keep your chin but as you change the world too.

  2. k I felt called out. XD but in a good way. Really good post.