Sunday, February 17, 2019

GIRL (revisited)

It's been a couple years and you've grown and changed
And you're so different in so many ways
But in so many ways, you're still the same

Old habits die hard
And your source of identity has always been a little skewered
By whether or not you performed well enough
On any given day

Perfectionism is your vice
Your arch-nemesis
Your crutch

Heart black and blue and bruised
With the words you weaponize against yourself
Tongue pointed like a loaded gun
Who gave you the right to speak as though you aren't a miracle?

Your hands still shake
And somewhere along the way
The courage you inked on your palms got a bit smudged

You stopped believing you were a mountain shaker
When those mountains didn't immediately move
And that warhead brain of yours
Finally detonated with an atomic blast that leveled you

The nights you spent weeping for the trial to end
The moments you fought for every breath
The days you put one shaking foot in front of the other
If only because you didn't know what else to do

Can't you see that you are holy?
Called forth and created by a God who loves you
Who left paradise to seek you out in the wilderness
Untangled you from the darkness and brought you into His light?

He breathed life into your lungs and spun you into being
And declared, “It is good.”
Not because you're good on your own
But because He always speaks over us the beauty of what He's created us to be

Can you believe that grace was made
For someone exactly like you
The you that doesn't read the Word enough
The you that doesn't sit in the pew enough

The you who calls yourself a backslider and a heathen
The you who wishes you could be sweeter, kinder, better, perfect
The you who wants to rise up with faith
But so often, falls into doubt instead

Don't you see?
It was never up to you to form your own version of righteousness
Only to cling to that which He bled and died to give you

It's you whom He loves
The messy you with the tainted hands and banged up heart
The you who can't look yourself in the eyes without
Finding something you wish you could change

He loves you

The you who snaps at her mom
The you who is a lackluster friend
The you with the road rage

He loves you

The you who holds open doors for old ladies
The you who buys lunch for the homeless man on the corner
The you who sings those worship songs on Sundays

His love isn't based on a screwed up system
Of behavior modification that leaves a put together exterior
While the soul rots underneath
Because you know what, girl?

His love is never based on you
It's simply placed on you

He loves you, girl

He loves you

He loves you


Don't forget it  



  1. i’m on the verge of tears right now because this resonates with me so hard. i would the part that i love the most, but i’d simply end up quoting the entire piece because i relate to all of it. this is so important and i cannot thank you enough for reminding me that i am enough...the broken, screwed up enough because i have a God who loves me regardless of my imperfections and mistakes. <3 <3

    1. This means so much to me. I’m so glad that it touched you and lifted your heart <3

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  3. Oh you are lovely. I agree with musicgirl121. <3 She says it best.

  4. "You stopped believing you were a mountain shaker
    When those mountains didn't immediately move"

    this cut right to my heart.