Sunday, January 27, 2019

you're safe

I know it's hard sometimes.

when you're in the dark
all alone
and the world is closing in from all sides

worst of all, you're trapped in your mind
and your mind is even worse than the world
it's a prison, cold and echoing

but only if you let it fall away from your hands
away from your heart
away from the fire in your soul that lit your eyes up as a child


and now I know you want to
go away
get away
from it

but don't

even when it's dark and cold and echoing—

capture your mind
hold it in your trembling hands
whisper the truth even through the dark

you are not alone
you are not alone

you are safe.

there is a presence, soft and comforting
close your eyes and breathe
you can feel it
wrapping you up like a hug
like strong and careful arms

you are not alone

the darkness is not tangible
only an absence of the light

close your eyes and
don't think.
just feel.

feel that you are not alone
b r e a t h e

you're safe.

it's okay to be scared sometimes. 
but remember that you are greater than any fear.

- abbie


  1. ABBIE. Oh my goodness dear. I have felt this way so many times before. My mind makes up so much of what is not real and the thoughts drown me and take me away from living. I know it's bad when I can't enjoy the company of others because I am tangled in my own mind. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS. <3 Love to you always. I hope you don't feel like this often.

  2. mmmm here's some truth via pure poetry <3 i love you, you fighter

  3. You just described anxiety and everything I feel sometimes with words. I have no idea how you did that, but thank you. I love this, Abbie. It’s so important and I cannot thank you enough. 💖