Friday, January 11, 2019


Today, you are free to be a parent to yourself.

No matter who your parents were to you--

Whether they cherished you and saw you as the pearl that you are,

Or whether they never truly saw you,

Whether they became a foundation on which you built a strong, secure soul,

Or whether they offered you nothing to work with,

Whether they championed your push into the unknowns of growing older,

Or whether they pushed you into it without a champion,

Trust me.
They were only giving you what they had in themselves to give.

The Father is giving you permission to embrace yourself with His mother-father heart.

You can hold the little one within yourself, crying without relief, and know that you are holding that child with a never-ending, never-lacking, always-there, Love.

He is there.


  1. "Call no one your father but I, God." These words remind me of this. Thank you for sharing these words. Blessed to have found a group of talented writers.

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