Thursday, November 8, 2018

dear self...don't forget.

dear self...don't forget. 

dear self...
battles have been fought.
darkness has tried to take out our light.
fear has shaken our ground.
arrows of lies have been aimed to our heart.
wounds have been a part of us
and broken pieces are all that we have left.

but, dear self...don't forget.
I plead, don't forget
that there is one who loves our broken pieces.
who is with us in the battle
who fights and conquerors every battle
who is the Light that can't be snuffed out
who shields us from the flaming arrows
who heals our wounds
who completes us.

don't forget...
that this One has gone through
everything we have faced+are facing+will face
100X more
in payment of our life.
He was shredded, pierced, mocked
and died and rose from the grave for us.

don't forget...that only He defines who we are.
don't forget...who He says we are.
don't forget, please, that He says 
“you are my beloved child; you are beloved.”
do not forget... He loves the broken you.
(Jer. 31:3)
~Ellie J


  1. Exactly what I needed today💘 Love you Ells!

  2. I love this! Thank you for these words. <3

  3. ❤️❤️❤️ This is why I love this blog, it’s so encouraging and uplifting for every situation. Thank you, sweet girl.

  4. Oh how I love this!! Really spoke to my heart today!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear <3