Tuesday, March 27, 2018

your lowest

I hope you know that your low can't be compared to anyone else's low.

What you know as your deepest pain is valuable no matter the situation. No matter what the story was.

I wish I could hold you.

Tell you that you'll be okay.

Weave my hands through your hair as you let tears form.

Its okay to be sad. There's nothing wrong with embracing that lowest low. But darling, don't stay there. Don't cling to that low. Cry it out but don't hold it close.

Move on darling.

Keep moving forward.

The forest is waiting to hear your cries. It wants to hold your ground while you lean against its trees and dip your head up in defeat. It's okay. It'll be okay. The forest will say.

Feel the dirt on your hands. There's hope. There is hope, Hope is out there.

Move on to your highest high. It may not be compared to someone else's highest but if it makes you grin and laugh to remember then, darling, be happy.

Dance within the forest. Dance like you've been on the top of the mountains but like you have also seen the bottom of the ocean. Let the world hear you laugh and cry. It's okay.

Be a flood of emotions. Embrace them.

But don't compare them.

Only you will understand your wave.

- Vanessa 


  1. Every single post on this blog means the world to me. thanks, you guys :) <3

  2. Comparing my pain is something that I struggle with. Thank you for this post. <3

  3. This post is so spot-on, Vanessa... and so poetically described from your heart. I love this.

    1. Thank you! It wasn't hard to write since I've deal with a lot of that myself.

  4. I second Evangeline! Too often I discount my pain, thinking it doesn't matter as much as someone else's pain because theirs seems so much worse. This post was a beautiful reminder! <3

    1. So have I, it's alright to do but make sure you don't believe in it

  5. I really needed this, Vanessa. This makes me feel like my pain and my dark moments are okay and that it's okay to feel like it's the worst, even when it may not be in comparison to someone else's darkest moments. Thanks for helping me feel like it's okay to cry and be sad as long as I don't dwell there forever. <3

    1. Crying isn't bad. Stay happy but embrace all your emotions. I'm thrilled i got to impact your thoughts (:

  6. Vanessa, I didn't know you were on Burning Youth too! This was beautiful, thank you for sharing!