Tuesday, March 27, 2018

your lowest

I hope you know that your low can't be compared to anyone else's low.

What you know as your deepest pain is valuable no matter the situation. No matter what the story was.

I wish I could hold you.

Tell you that you'll be okay.

Weave my hands through your hair as you let tears form.

Its okay to be sad. There's nothing wrong with embracing that lowest low. But darling, don't stay there. Don't cling to that low. Cry it out but don't hold it close.

Move on darling.

Keep moving forward.

The forest is waiting to hear your cries. It wants to hold your ground while you lean against its trees and dip your head up in defeat. It's okay. It'll be okay. The forest will say.

Feel the dirt on your hands. There's hope. There is hope, Hope is out there.

Move on to your highest high. It may not be compared to someone else's highest but if it makes you grin and laugh to remember then, darling, be happy.

Dance within the forest. Dance like you've been on the top of the mountains but like you have also seen the bottom of the ocean. Let the world hear you laugh and cry. It's okay.

Be a flood of emotions. Embrace them.

But don't compare them.

Only you will understand your wave.

- Vanessa 
Friday, March 23, 2018

i hope you know

there are so many things that i hope you know.

i hope you know
that you are

that you should never doubt your beauty
or settle for being called "pretty"
because when you smile, you, my dear
are as radiant as the sun.

i hope you know
that you are

that no matter how overwhelmed you are right now
or how inadequate you feel
you are so capable
you've got this, love.

i hope you know
that you are

and that you've got to stop comparing everything that you do
to all of the other people that you see
because you are so uniquely created
and you have talents like nobody else

i hope you know
that you are

on the good days and the bad.
you are so so loved.
and that is the thing
that i will forever
hope you know.

- grace anne
Tuesday, March 20, 2018

center of the universe

From a young age we are taught

That the sun is not worth our time

I know so because we placed him the corner of our drawings as kids

When we get up everyday

We put him in the far corner away from our minds

We don't think about if he's going to rise

Or if he'll fail to set

He is the same

Day in

Day out

Yet we forget

That the sun

That was put there by the Son

Is the very center of our universe

Everything we do revolves around Him

Yet we still draw Him in the corner, as if He's only half there

And not what our whole life should be about

So I ask you

What are you putting at the center of your universe

Instead of the Son?

- jacy rayn