Sunday, November 12, 2017


one speck in an organized world
one dot in a blank page
one note in a symphony
one pulse in a living being

your mind stirs like a galaxy in a bowl
ceramic, clattering, the war of two worlds
you are inside one, slipping out the other
inside you go after a ticket into your mind

brighter, brighter you will gather and
harness the energy built inside you
becoming a magnet of beauty and hope
until the strings of space pull taut

there are crashes, are there not?
failed explorations and uncharted destinations
the debris of doubt floats idle in your head
but they are always cleared in the end

footsteps land on foreign planets
flags break its stiff desolate ground
radios program crackling laughter
hearts are raised, millions of lightyears away

the cosmos is indefinitely infinite
but you will make your mark
in between gaps of clouds and dust and rocks
floating in a celestial oasis

here and there



  1. This is amazing, I love how poetic it is. <3 <3

    It actually reminds me of The Bright Eyes Podcast aesthetic. If you're on Twitter, you should share this with Aimee Meester – she's the creator of the Bright Eyes Podcast.

  2. I adore space poetry and the idea of galaxies in a bowl and the wordplay between indefinitely infinite? YES

  3. This is so pretty sounding! :O

  4. beautiful! your words are so lovely! this poetry was stunning!