Monday, February 20, 2017

i want you to know

when I was in sixth grade, I gave the mirror a little bit of power.
I looked and became disgusted.
disgusted with my beautiful, mid-pubescent body. 

I still have the journal where I first wrote about my weight loss goals,
my original week of starvation. 
my 'diet' that started on Wednesday. 
a birthday party-sleepover involving pizza and ice cream over the weekend.  
my records of shame and remorse about something so natural and healthy. 

i gave the mirror a chance to control me.
and it did.

it robbed me of my joy
my hope
my value
my peace.

I gave the mirror an opinion. 
it gave me hate and loathing;
made askew my perspective.
it stole so many good and important things and exchanged them with shame and rules in return.

it called me names.
it laughed at me.

and I let it.
and to a certain extent, I believe we all have.

I think we all have released some power.

power over:
the way you think
the way you talk to yourself
the way you love yourself
the way you feel about certain things
the way you view the world. 

this precious power, this amazing gift, 
that we are so quick to give away! 

we loosen our grip, and hand it over. 
we give it to anything that asks.
and friends, I want you to learn from my original sixth-grade mistake. 

I want you to know something that would have changed my relationship with myself, my body and food forever.
I want you to know that nothing
nothing nothing nothing
other than God himself deserves power over your identity. 
no person
no idea
no lie
no opinion
gets to stake claim in your identity.

so maybe it's not the mirror for you.
it might be the thing that jumped into your head mid-way through reading this.
you might have to think a little bit.
possibly you can't relate to a single thing I just said.
and that's okay.

but I really really really want you to know something!
I want you to know that you-
you precious, strong, beautiful, powerful, amazing, loved child of God-
are perfectly created by the God who's breath created heaven and earth.
and no thing you have ever done,
or will ever do,
can change his unending love for you.

xoxoxox // elissa


  1. That's beautiful! ^.^ I needed that reminder.

  2. Elissa, this is absolute power. Keep speaking it!

  3. This is so good <3 every word is true. :D thanks for this


  4. Yes, this is so true! Keep it going, Elissa!

  5. Just beautiful. You nailed it! Poetry, dude! :D

  6. Oh good gracious - THANK YOU, for this, Elissa. It was so beautiful and I really needed it <3.

    ~ Savannah

  7. This is so freaking powerful, Elissa. You are a supernova, love. <3

  8. Okay so this is beautiful. And just ... ahh. I have no words except to say thank you <3

  9. friendship goals when you start reading and automatically know these are your best friend's lovely words xoxo
    You're so beautiful and an inspiration of confidence, kindness, and godliness to me. You rock my world girl, thanks for the wonderful reminder and raw words <3

  10. every human in the world needs this, but I feel like I needed it a little extra tonight
    thank you x a million
    your voice is so important :')