Thursday, January 5, 2017

you are forever

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I want you to remember.

Think long, think hard, breathe deep.

Remember that

This moment
This fleeting pain
This difficult road

will pass.

You are here, beloved,
and though you are hurting,
your burden will fade.

Seasons come
and seasons go

But our God is forever.

In case you have forgotten
In case you need to hear it
In case you have lost yourself in all you believe you need to be:

Christ deemed you worth dying for.

Infinitely loved are you,
and so forgiven,
destined for
greater places
and faces
and times than these.

So we wait for Him,
like astronauts,
rejoicing in even one step forward
on this planet that feels so foreign.

Remember, believe:

T H I S  I S  N O T  T H E  E N D

You are here
and you are alive
and you are loved.

Yes, daughter, even in this moment,
you are loved as much as you were
and will be tomorrow.

Regardless of what you've done or will do:
He loves you just the same,
loves you as much as conceivably possible, and then some.

So, with relish,
we run,
remembering that we will one day be caught up in the clouds
to meet Him,
to see Him,


Remember how He holds you,
so that with every last breath
your life will sing of His love
so others,
also infinite,
might sing along, too.

You are forever.

~ erin 


  1. I have run out of ways to say thank you for blessing me with your words. this is lovely.

  2. Amazing. You guys are unbelievable.

  3. Oh my word. :')

    By the way, This blog has impacted me in more ways than I can tell you. I re-posted a post from here onto Facebook, and someone came up to me at church and said it was exactly what she needed to send to someone she loved who was lost and hurting.
    God is doing amazing things through you guys, and we are all so grateful for what you do here.

    Much love ♥♥♥


    1. Hey Magan-
      Thanks so so very much for sharing about the impact in your life and others. This makes my heart so so very happy! God is using YOU- using US- to reflect his glory.
      Love love love sister!

  4. Erin, this is perfect. I cannot express to you how much this means and how much I love it.

  5. wow this hit so deep for me.
    thank you so much, erin <3 wow. this is so beautiful and i could cry rn :')

  6. Okay Erin, there are tears.
    Like actual, literal salty water is coming down my cheeks.
    *inhale, hiccup, pulls self together*
    God is using these words in big big ways.
    thanks for letting him, sweet friend.