Wednesday, January 11, 2017

i've got a dream

backdrop: me with headphones in listening to coffee table jazz playlist on spotify, wearing leggings an oversized t-shirt of my dad's from disney and a worn flannel, in the living room surrounded by my family's chaos. there's snow on the ground outside.

so, kate sent out an email about sharing our dreams and our resolution in working towards them. well, like a lot of you probably, I'm still working on the actual getting there part. but I know what I want and I'm willing to do what it takes to get there- I'm just not sure what my exact path is yet.

I want to be a journalist. I'm pretty sure that's literally the only reasonable career choice that I've considered that wouldn't get boring to me. It's a constantly growing and changing field, a field where I would never stop learning. I want to be a voice for the voiceless, a voice of reason, truth, but mostly of light. I want to travel the world and write about what goes on behind closed doors, in the shadows, and about what makes people uncomfortable. I want to write about the countless pinpricks of light in a night sky where so many are unable to see the light. I want to write from home, researching online, typing on my laptop in my comfy clothes like right now. I want to love what I do, and wake up everyday ready for a new challenge.

eventually, I want to get married (but I'm gonna leave this part up to God. lol not about that chasing-after-guys life). honestly (not like I haven't been honest this whole time but), I'd like to get married early. I want to have kids and kinda wanna still work my job, writing, bleary-eyed during nap and after they head to bed with my husband reading by my side. and, yeah, I know this is all pretty idealistic, but I guess that's why it's called dreaming, right?

so, go ahead. dream. dream hard. but hustle harder.
*resists every urge to make "go, live your dream" tangled reference*

now, tell me about your dreams? 
thanks for listening to mine x


  1. Beautiful Olivia.
    Those sound like awesome dreams, and similar to my own. Writing/editing, family, travel.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much!!! And, ahhhh, that's so great. Right?! It's gotta be the good life.

  2. ahhh this beautiful! My dream someday is to be a successful poetess. I don't want to take the traditional route to go to college and all that. For me, I just want to write.
    I hope everything you wish come true and that you don't just dream but do as well.
    Just let God take the wheal because with writing with this blog, you already kick starting your journalism career.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Little Hummer

    1. YES. you do you, girl. judging from your blog, you're clearly going to take over the world. your words are so beautiful and important :'))))))))))))) gah, thanks for the comment!! and YES. Jesus take it all.

  3. As soon as I seen the title I started singing Tangled soooooooooo lololol

    THIS IS SO TOUCHING :') people's dreams inspire me so much and make me so happy. <3

    1. Y
      - a poem, by olivia k
      THANK YOU SO MUCH. you make me so happy.

  4. Oh Olivia. Like I said on your blog, this is a wonderful, beautiful dream and I just said a little prayer that you can live it! God could so use someone with your incredible gift for words and understanding and articulating. Honestly I can really relate to your goal, even though I might want to use music along with writing. You're such an encouragement to me, honestly <3

    1. NINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! you have no idea how much your comments mean to me OH MY GOSH. thank you thank you thank you. I'ms speechless :')

  5. First of all, never resist Tangle references. They are life.

    Speaking of life, your life sounds wondrous. Most of all, Jesus' life in you is beautiful. His dreams in us, however hazy they are, are something splendid that unfolds as the years go by into something that looks more like Jesus. Let's keep following Him.

    Are you in college by chance with a Mass Comm degree? Because that's my major!

    1. First of all, thank you for that. You are so right. Tangled is pretty much everything.
      YESSSSSSSs. thank you so much :') Let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Ah, no, I'm not!!! But that sounds amazing!!!!!!

    2. It is pretty cool! Are you still in high school, then? I forget so many things...

  6. Wow, this is so pretty. You have such a way with words, and it sounds like you'll have the perfect job for this talent. You can do this. :)


  7. Oooh, dreams. One of my favorite things to think about. And to dream about. Ha. :) I have so many dreams, so many ideas for my future, it makes me so excited to think about them all! My dreams revolve around art and family mainly, I think, all immersed in living for God. Looks like my dream of getting married and having a family will happen sooner than expected... I just started courting this week, and he's a really, really good guy. Anywho. :)

  8. First off- so much appreciation for your Tangled reference. You rock.

    Your dreams make me so happy. You're going to be the absolute best journalist, Liv. Can't wait to watch you live all this out. So much love for you.