Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Slipping Away

slips of thoughts slipping away

grasping for breath

yearning to stay

midnight dreams calling my name

whispering hope

too big to be tamed

it's too late

i'm not here

they'll have to wait

lists of things waiting for me

piling up

so much to be

whirlwind storm, to and fro

whipping around

they'll never slow

it's too much

i'm so tired

life'll have to wait

words of my soul trapped in a pen

stumped by my head

stuck in my heart

songs of joy snuffed out by wind

wind of the lists

ever growing needs

inhale one

exhale two

i'm okay

lines of songs stuck in my head

it is well

make me brave

words of God blooming in me

grace is enough

now and forever

grace is here

sunrise joy

time to write

Sometimes words get stuck in the lists and busyness of life. Sometimes thoughts slip away. Grab hold of them. Grab hold of Jesus. Never let go. 

Princess Hannah


  1. Oh my goodness, this was so beautiful. I seriously have no words. I love this. <3

    ~ Savannah

    1. Thank you so much Savannah! Following your blog RIGHT NOW!!!

  2. Was just about to write a comment explaining how much I relate to this, but I couldn't. Just wow. You have no idea how much this gut-punched me. Thank you. <3

    1. Emily, wowo. Yes, wow-O. I feel so alone in this, so your withness in this struggle means so much!

    2. I've been feeling that way too this year. But reading something like this is so encouraging, because it reminds me that I'm NOT alone. <3

    3. We are never alone, are we? Immanual is a name of God that I constantly remind myself of. /God with us/. Have you ever listened to Here Now by Hillsong United?

    4. No, I haven't! I shall have to check it out.

  3. So relatable right now, Hannah. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. You're such a blessing! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Allie, YOU are such a blessing! Your comments always lighten up my day!

  4. This is beautiful! I always claim that good poetry is a soul on a page, and that's exactly what this is!

    Serena | poetree

    1. "good poetry is a soul on a page." Can I tweet you? Because I just did.

  5. This is beautiful. ❤ And filled with truth

    1. It took me a little soul-check to write it, a lot of honesty, and a little hope that this world is not my home. So glad that you enjoyed it!

  6. WOW YES this smashed my soul <3

    "lists of things waiting for me

    piling up

    so much to be"

    you know how much i can relate to this <3

    1. I pretty much wrote it for you Abbie, even though I didn't know it at the time. This rushedness of our souls steals joy. Let us rest in God while our hands are fast at work!

  7. Wooahhh that was perfect. ♥

  8. Maybe it's because we're mental twins, but I swear that you just read my mind in posting this. The truth in this post is overwhelming, Hannah. I love it, and I love you. ♥

    1. It overwhelms me too, which is why I need to constantly overwhelm myself instead with the love of God! I'm SUPER ENCOURAGED that you found this encouraging! LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL GRACE ANNE!!!!!

  9. This hit me so hard. You have an incredible gift for words...God bless you. :)
    I just found this blog and AHHHHHHH. I love it so much!!! Each of you girls have so much talent, and I love how you use it to glorify God and impact people at the same time. WOW!! <3 Keep it up!


  10. Precious, life-giving words, Hannah!