Monday, September 26, 2016


I have walked a labyrinth of joy and of pain;
days of slogging down pre-made paths in the rain.
I have walked a thousand miles in circles made of clay,
though I had better things to do, better ways.

The labyrinth is made of things terrifyingly tall,
more than once I hit a dead-end wall.
so many times so many ways so many hidden halls
All waiting with baited laughter for me to fall.

The darkness approaches down upon this maze;
I travel faster, eyes opened wider, a drinking gaze.
but all I see is more maze in my gaze these days
and no water heaven nor hell has raised

the labyrinth drags on without end or bend
if it were small enough to fit in my hand I would rend
it though I must finish it with the time time is lend-
ing me and all I can think of is the way my feet distend.

swollen and puffy and my face is the same
from the tears from my eyes, self-made rain
trying to stop is in vain
and darkness calls my name

the twists and turns won't stop here
not now, tomorrow or next year
I plod on, in circles, in boredom, in fear.
my shoes tear.

Labyrinth of suffering and hurt
ground is still made of dirt
to dig my grave in, leave a mound for others to lurch
over when they slog through the mist-made murk.

But don't you see? That's how the labyrinth works
It drags you around in the mud, it hurts
it makes you stronger; see how far you've come from the lurch
you were in when you considered the dirge

Look how far you've come from that terrible time
See the walls are lower, you've left the darkness behind
You found the walkers that were kind
And looked for resting places to alight

Rest, that's the key, turning the helping you off
I know. that you try and you give and you rub yourself raw
with the sharp edge of smiles; on scraped knee you crawl
so that others can walk and you think no one sees the way life mauls

you and your soul, how it rips and tears
how it shares pieces of you that shouldn't be shared,
pieces that are critical, that need care
but don't other's need care? so your pain you bear

And you are in pain, and I see it
or maybe I don't
maybe you're good at hiding it
but does it matter? You're hurt and you
don't see that

you're worth
dying for.
living for.
don't try leaving,
just to see if you stay.

we like you here.
stay. please.

see the way the labyrinth curves and turns and
yes it is hard knowing that you're nowhere near the end
but trust me.
Keep walking.
Keep thinking.
Keep staying.
don't give up.

The end will get here, the walls will lower,
the sun will shine again,
and you will be glad you didn't
lose yourself
bury yourself
leave yourself
in the labyrinth.


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  2. Reposting because of a typo lol
    SAMI!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

    It reminds me of a quote from Looking For Alaska:
    "The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive."

    Beautiful <3

    1. YES. Ok, so that quote totally stuck with me, and its kind of like, sometimes its not other people you have to forgive, but yourself.... idk? :)

  3. Love this - it was beautiful. <3

    ~ Savannah

  4. SAMI. This is so freaking beautiful and I don't think I'll ever be able to get over how incredible your words are. <3

  5. Sami, this is....exquisite. needed. necessary. deep. true. pure.

    "you're worth
    dying for.
    living for.
    don't try leaving,
    just to see if you stay.

    we like you here.
    stay. please."

    thank you ♥